Message #1

“Hello? Are there any other survivors? Can you read me?…”

“I don’t know if these messages are getting through, but I want to believe there is someone listening, someone on the other side.”

“I will be recording these, my thoughts, my…I don’t know, maybe I just need to do this to stay sane. It all started a few days ago…”

-My week began like any other first week. Meeting classmates, teammates, professors, and reuniting with old friends. It was also the first week after the end of my hiatus. See, along with being a student, I am a storyteller. I had taken some time off in December and was unable to return due to power outages and other inconveniences. But then the semester started and I was granted access to my GIS programs and a regular schedule….—–

I was focused on continuing a year-old GURPS campaign with my friends, on ending my hiatus and hitting the ground running. After getting a better idea of what DS106 entailed, it seemed like the perfect fit. It fell in line with my interests and gave me another creative outlet. One without the need for dice…—–

—Out of all the possible world-ending scenarios, my favorite was one of a lovecraftian nature. The entire concept of cosmic horror and the implications of beings beyond out imagination existing and traveling through space and time offers limitless possibilities. And it also opens many fantastic doors. Science can be weirded and wielded, the laws of physics can be rewritten, mathemagical formulas and textbooks can become spellbooks. Any lovecraftian story that gives an inkling of hope for man tells of factions like Miskatonic University, the Mafia, the U.S. Military, paramilitary operators such as the Delta Green, and of people who decided to not join the ranks of the damned and fought for their survival…—–

When time, space, and the dimensions become fractured, we will no longer be limited. In this apocalyptic world where ignorance and madness go hand in hand, the power of imagination and human ingenuity can be as useful as any tool…—–

“I do not fully understand quite yet, but it seems that witnessing that event changed you. Something inside you, something you don’t quite comprehend, understood what was happening.”


“Colors became more vibrant. The air became more crisp. The sea teemed with a living calm, waving with its hypnotic allure. Every single speck of dirt seemed to have a purpose to its existence, a destiny and destination. It was as though Nothing had happened, Nothing had changed, and no time had passed. It was as though Nothing was real.”


“The world is no longer black and white. We have to redraw the lines between make believe and real life.”


“I’m sorry for waxing poetics, but nothing is as real as it was a week ago. I’m doing my best to try and make things as clear as they can be given the circumstances.”


“Hello? Anyone there? Tell me if you can hear—”


-End of recording-